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How We Learn TODAY

Online Training is Here to Stay

In fact the selection of online courses is increasing daily. I can’t do online training, does this sound like you? Well now you can - you’re not alone – we're here to help you succeed. Mosaic’s Supported Online Training – is a value added service that supports students.

The Supported Online Training Service at Mosaic takes the headache out of registering, ordering books, communicating with the tutor, assisting with technical and computer issues along the way, and arranging for exams. Do the course at your own time on your home computer or use Mosaic’s computers. We will work with you to setup an Individualized Learning Plan that works for you.


Do you realize that you have access to a huge variety of online courses from first-rate schools? Accessing this vast course selection expands your career options – without leaving home.

Some of the courses Mosaic students have completed with support:

  • Basic Security Training at the Justice Institute of BC
  • Medical Terminology at Vancouver Island University
  • Family Justice Courses at the Justice Institute of BC
  • Occupational Health and Safety at BCIT
  • International Marine Surveyor at The International Institute of Marine Surveying Limited, UK
  • CSTS from the Construction Association of BC

The benefits of online learning are obvious:

  • No travel and lodging costs
  • Lovcation flexibility - attend from home, school, or library
  • Time flexibility - work online when your schedule allows
  • Greater course selection from many trusted post secondary schools

Do you need help with an online course? First step - find the course you want to take - call Mosaic for an appointment to discuss how we can support you - you're on your way to success!

So what is your learning style? Click here for an online assessment.

Do you want to explore your online learning options?

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