The least painful computer course I've ever taken, and I've taken a lot of them.

When I signed up for this computer course I was skeptical, boy was I in for a surprise. I got so much out of this course, the instrucotor was great and the environment encouraged learning, myself and the rest of the group felt comfortable and welcome.

The best instructors anywhere.

Using computers was not part of my previous job, but after an injury I had to start looking for jobs that I could handle physically and that usually meant using a computer. Learning the computer at my age seemed overwhelming, but after taking short computer courses at Mosaic I felt confident with the basics and and now I use a computer in job search and expect to use a computer on the job.

I’m working in a doctor’s office now! My employer is happy I am taking the medical terminology course at Mosaic, because she will be able to delegate more to me as I get to know more of the terms she uses in charting her patients.

It really helped to have a Mosaic tutor while I was enrolled in the online program at BCIT, I would have been lost and probably would not have completed the course without a tutor.
A face to face tutor made all the difference for me, I was prepared to write for my GED and passed!
I think it should be mandatory for everyone who is looking for a new job to take the Beyond Customer Service Course at Mosaic, not only for those who intend to work as a front line customer service associate but any job. This one day course opened my eyes to potential opportunities in my future. As I started to look ahead in a positive way and explore new directions more opportunities came to light. The learning environment is welcoming and supportive. Thank you Mosaic
The tech workshop at Mosaic was very helpful.  My sister and I got to ask lots of questions, which we liked.
It was too bad that more people didn't come,  I think they would have liked it too.
I’d recommend the Retail Sales course at Mosaic to everyone.
I like the computer handouts at Mosaic, they are quick and easy to understand so when I need a reminder I can quickly get back on track when I'm working on my own.
Love the computer courses at Mosaic, I need to get a computer at home!
I loved the Barista Course at Mosaic. I now have a whole new appreciation for coffee and I'm looking for a part-time job after school.
The Barista course at Mosaic is awesome!
The classrooms at Mosaic are really comfortable and pay attention to those who have disabilities.
There is lots of hands on learning in the computer classes at Mosaic. I feel so much more comfortable now.
Mosaic is a very relaxed place to learn, just like learning should be.
The quality of courses at Mosaic are top notch.
The Mosaic instructors are wonderful.
I enjoyed every minute of my computer class at Mosaic.
Learning at Mosaic got rid of my fear of exploring with the computer, I feel confident now to keep on going.
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